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Lake Atitlan
Camino Brillante Logo

Dr. Samantha Morse &

Tímo Brind'Amour

Transformational Coaching

Based in Santa Barbara, CA
Serving clients virtually nation-wide


Camino Brillante means “the bright path”. We believe that all people are called to live a meaningful life illuminated by connection, purpose, and joy. The best way to embody that calling is to discover your internal source of light. At Camino Brillante, we support people in this personal journey. 


Our unique approach weaves indigenous practices, Western therapeutic approaches (Internal Family Systems), spiritual study, somatic practices, and cutting-edge academic research into a dynamic offering for our community. We create a Luminous Container based on safety, integrity, and education. 


Over the years, we have engaged in deep personal work on our own, with mentors, and in community. From these learnings, we understand that a conservative approach supports incremental and sustainable growth. Our mission is to support you in your current work and prepare you for future success by following your own “bright path”.


Andy S.


Miami, FL

I've always been a reflective person, but Samantha provided the safe space for me to be truly vulnerable. Her questions got me to think more deeply about parts of myself I had never considered before. As a result, I feel a greater sense of purpose and peace in my life.

Bend, OR

I didn't realize microdosing -- something so small -- could have such a big effect on my life. But, I think a big part of that was my work with Samantha. Her deep listening, insightful questions, and loving support helped me get through some dark times. Through her microdosing coaching program, my mental health and productivity improved and I feel empowered to take on greater challenges in my life.

Austin, TX

Tímo is a trusted advisor and a mentor who helped me start a self-realization journey in 2019. My work with Timo has made me feel grateful and helped me value family and community more than ever. I felt safe and immensely supported by having Timo by my side. A great healer and a genie that keeps giving. 

Santa Barbara, CA

Tímo is thoughtful, intelligent, knowledgeable, and most importantly, caring. His curiosity and his heart are both firmly planted in the desire to help people realize their fullest life. He is never pushy and tailors his approach to each individuals‘ health and readiness. I feel confident recommending Tímo in any capacity.

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