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Meet Samantha & Tímo

Samantha and Tímo together bring 47 years of experience working with sacred medicines. They have woven their individual paths into one through Camino Brillante, where they combine deep personal and professional experience with spiritual study and scientific understanding.

The medicine path led Tímo and Samantha into a deep relationship with sacred music. Tímo plays guitar while Samantha plays charango, a 10-string Andean lute. They study traditional medicine music from Brazil, Peru, and Mexico, and sing in Spanish, Portugues, Kaxinawá, Yawanawa, Quechua, and Nahuatl. 

Follow their music, travels, and studies on Instagram:

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About Samantha Morse, PhD

Samantha Morse has worked with sacred medicines for thirteen years. Her studies have been both experiential and academic. After a year-long mentorship, she embarked on a 6-month research-based study of the medicine through Third Wave’s psychedelic coaching certification. She has sat ayahuasca dieta in the jungle three times, and traveled extensively for medicine work in Peru, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. Samantha founded Ascend in Bend for plant medicine and integration coaching in Bend, Oregon, providing one-on-one support for individuals navigating depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, OCD, addiction, and grief. She partners with psychiatric and medical practitioners, and sees herself as a bridge between therapeutic and spiritual/ceremonial approaches to the medicine. 

Prior to dedicating herself full time to the medicine path, Samantha earned her PhD in literature and was a college professor. She believes the imaginative, metaphoric, and symbolic space of literature has many connections to the expansive places we go in ceremony. She won several distinguished teaching awards due to her compassionate teaching style and student-centered approach to learning. These skills have translated well to the medicine space where Samantha’s warmth and care contribute to an incredibly safe, loving, and joyful ceremonial container. 

About Tímo Brind'Amour

Tímo has worked with sacred Earth medicines for 30 years. During this time he has developed a deep understanding and appreciation for the profound changes that this work can bring for individuals, families and communities. He has worked as a spiritual teacher and minister for many years and incorporates this into his ceremonial practices. During the past year, Tímo worked directly with the Huni Kuin to support various tribes in Brazil and served as a guardian and musician for their chief, Yube, on his recent medicine tour. The experiences with the Huni Kuin people have helped to inform his approach to spiritual and ceremonial practices. Over the past 2 years, he has traveled extensively studying and practicing medicine work in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Tímo has a particularly deep relationship with the sacred mushroom, specializing in education on how to work across the various strains in alignment with specific intentions. 

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