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Costa Rica Medicine Retreat

November 11-18, 2023

Costa Rica Medicine Retreat

Reserve your spot:

Location: Brave Earth (Tierra Valiente) in San Ramón, Costa Rica

Cost: $3,800 (does not include airfare, though we do provide transportation to/from San Jose airport)

Activities: high-dose psilocybin ceremony, moderate-dose ketamine journey with sound healing, traditional temazcal (sweat lodge), cacao ceremony, plant medicine making workshop, yoga and meditation, hot springs excursion

Our Intention

While legal access to psilocybin and ketamine are becoming available in Oregon and across the United States, there's incredible valuable in traveling abroad to work with these medicines. At home, you remain within your comfort zone, your boundaries, your standard operating procedures. And, sure, entheogenic medicines can shake up our attachments to these norms. However, even greater disruption occurs when you travel elsewhere. Like the hero embarking on the classic journey, you heed the call, cross the threshold, and encounter challenges and wonders in a different world that enable transformation.

We have specifically chosen this location in Costa Rica for its natural beauty and power. The stewards of Brave Earth have created a "living laboratory" in which the residents live in harmony with the land; their tender care and the vivacity of the jungle and permaculture farms are palpable with every step you take and breath you breathe.

During our retreat at Brave Earth, you will engage with a variety of medicines and ceremonial experiences to facilitate your personal journey. The progression of these experiences are designed to activate your body/spirit's innate healing intelligence and return your being to its natural state of wholeness and balance.

And you're not doing it alone. Community --- the interconnectivity of the rhizome --- undergirds everything we do. For this reason, we'll hold two 60-min Zoom sessions prior to the retreat for us all to connect, answer questions, and discuss intentions. And, even when you return to the U.S., you're still supported. We'll host another 60-min Zoom session to create space for integration.

In short, this isn't just a "retreat" --- it's not an escape or a getaway. It's a holistic journey designed to help you release what is no longer serving you, remember your True Self, and reconnect to community and the natural world.

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